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Reserve Battery Power Module


BleepinJeep hood louvers in glossy or flat

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Is something draining your battery and you don’t know what it is?  Do you sometimes leave the headlights on and come back to find your car, truck, Jeep, boat, or lawn equipment battery dead?  This little device will prevent that from happening!  When your battery gets low and reaches 11.8v for over 30 seconds this handy gadget will automatically disconnect the battery and keep it from going completely dead.  When you return, just hit the switch and your battery comes back and allows you to start the car and go on.  Also can be used as an anti-theft device by disabling the battery to confuse thieves.  Installs in minutes!

Two Options:

-Large  – For large style batteries like cars, trucks, boats, etc.

-Small – For small batteries like riding lawnmowers, four wheelers, atv’s, motorcycles, dirt bikes, side by sides, etc. Can also be used on large batteries… you just have to wire it in line.

Weight 26 oz

For Large Batteries, For Small Batteries


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